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All-Russia scientific and practical journal


ISSN 2414-3731

Published since 2012, online since 2015 up to the present time.

From 2012 to 2013 was published under the name "Law-enforcement and Human Rights Activity in Russia and Abroad" (Pravoohranitelʹnaâ i pravozaŝitnaâ deâtelʹnostʹ v Rossii i za rubežom na sovremennom ètape) ISSN 2305-6916.

Since 2014 on to the present is published under the name "Economy, pedagogics and law" (Vserossiyskiy nauchno-prakticheskiy zhurnal "Ekonomika, pedagogika i pravo") ISSN 2414-3731.

Form of periodic distribution: electronic periodical, Internet address of the edition:

Language(s): Russian, English.
Distribution territory: Russian Federation, foreign countries.
Frequency: quarterly.

Editorial office:

Editor-in-chief: Alexander A. Galushkin

Assistants to the editor-in-chief:

  • Elena V. Maystrovich


Journal has Editorial board.

Publisher: Alexander Galushkin Publishing House
Postal address: 117198, Russia, Moscow, PO box 1

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