1 Gennadiy A. Torgashev, Lyudmila G. Gornostaeva On Some Axiological Aspects of Law
2 Dmitriy V. Grigorev, Kristina V. Кondrashova Public Nature of the Local Self-Government in the Russian Federation
3 Aminat A. Bishenova To the Question of Trade Facilitation Instruments
4 Oleg J. Garkavchenko To the Question of Settlements Representative Bodies Deputies Election: Theory and Practice
5 Vladimir V. Demyankov Criminal Prosecution of Officials: Tendency to Avoid Criminal Responsibility Under Articles 285 and 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
6 Alexander A. Galushkin Parameters of Entrepreneurial Organization Competitiveness in Current Economic Conditions
7 Larisa A. Zakharyan Features of Local Self-Government Models Formation Construction in Commonwealth of Independent States Countries
8 Darya F. Kupcha, Dmitriy V. Grigorev Normative Regulation of Anti-Corruption in the System of Local Self-Government
9 Alexander M. Filichkin Municipal Reform in the Moscow Region
10 Petr P. Ignatushenko Security Measures and some Specific Features of the Transport Police Functioning in Russia and Abroad
11 Milana R. Madojan Problems of Municipal Service in Decisions of International Judicial Bodies
12 Oleg I. Evtushenko Some Aspects of Fight Against Smuggling: Theory and Practice
13 Maksim I. Glubokiy Municipal Budgets Formation Problems in the Russian Federation
14 Anastasiya S. Volkova Transport Infrastructure of China in Modern Conditions and its Role in the Development of Trade and Economic Relations with Russia
15 Alexey A. Buzlov Place and Role of Customs Bodies of the Russian Federation in Ensuring Economic Security of the State