1 Badma V. Sangadzhiev Realization of Human Rights Guarantees in Civil Proceedings in Russia
2 Alexandra V. Aleshina Features of the Sea Cargo Transportation Contract under the Private International Law
3 Zoya Sh. Matchanova Ethnic and Religious Aspects in the Study of Terrorism
4 Victoria A. Kosovskaya Features of Accepting the Inheritance under the Private International Law
5 Marina V. Ignatieva Combining Public and Private Start in International Organizations
6 Boris R. Avetisyan Use of the Economic Approach in the Investigation of Criminal Gambling Services Market
7 Tatyana S. Shumeyko To the Question of a Concept of Premises of the Modern Russian Legislation and Doctrine
8 Svetlana A. Sidorova Insignificance of the Performed Offense as Basis of Release from the Administrative Responsibility
9 Alexander A. Galushkin Some Problems of Information-Communication Technologies Implementation in the Activity of Enterprise Structures of Education and Science
10 Petr P. Ignatushenko Organization and Activity of Transport Police Bodies in Foreign Countries
11 Viktoria S. Arhipova Overview of Court Practice Relating to the Right of the Limited Use of Someone Else's Property in an English Law
12 Alexander M. Filichkin Responsibility Problems in the Municipal Law Theory and Practice of the Local Self-Government
13 Kristina V. Кondrashova Refugees and Migrants Integration Urgent Problems at the Local Self-Government Level
14 Ilona O. Babakova Tax Benefits as Methods of the of Tax Policy Implementation
15 Ruslan I. Zakharkin Theoretical Aspects of Social and Economic Development of Municipalities Management System on the Example of Moscow