1 Alexandra A. Dorskaya Evolution of the Russian Model of Statehood in a Foreshortening of State and Church Relations: Traditional and Innovative Components
2 Victoria A. Kosovskaya Conflict-of-Laws Rules in System of Precepts of Law
3 Elena E. Petrova World Heritage in the Context of the International Tourism Development
4 Zoya Sh. Matchanova Basic Principles of the International Labour Organization Activity
5 Darya F. Kupcha, Kristina V. Кondrashova About a Problem of Providing Measures for Anti-Corruption Regarding Observance of Requirements to Office Behavior by the Heads of Municipalities
6 Alexandra V. Aleshina Institute of the Freight Sea Transportation: History of Formation
7 Sergey V. Bochkarev Problem of the French Constitutionalism Periodization
8 Galina A. Bogdashkina Participation of Prosecutor in the Law-Making Activity of Local Governments as one of the Law Enforcement Ways
9 Viktoria S. Arhipova Types of Easements in the English Law
10 Alexander A. Galushkin Information and Communication Technologies Use for the Competitiveness of Business Organizations
11 Elena V. Maystrovich To the Question of Jurisdiction on Civil Cases in the European Union
12 Boris R. Avetisyan Qualification of the Organization and Carrying Out Gambling in the Gambling Zone Based on the Permission Got Illegally
13 Amiran G. Ananidze Systems of Local Management and Self-Government
14 Kristina V. Кondrashova Ways of Civil Society Institutes Interaction with Local Governments in the Sphere of Anti-Corruption
15 Darya F. Kupcha Some Problems of Anti-Corruption Measures Implementation at the Municipal Level