1 Pavel A. Bishkov Check as Form of Municipal Control
2 Victoria A. Kosovskaya Preliminary (Collateral) Question in the International Private Law: Concept and Legal Nature
3 Aminat A. Bishenova Simplification of International Trade Procedures as Result of a Customs Cooperation
4 Alexandra V. Aleshina International Legal Regulation of Seamen Work: Current State
5 Lubov I. Rogaceva Role of Education in the Development of Public Relations in the Modern Russia
6 Sergey V. Bochkarev Parliamentarism Typology in the Modern French Law
7 Alexander A. Galushkin To the Question of Some Aspects of the Information and Communication Network Internet Development
8 Zoya Sh. Matchanova Fight Against Terrorism: Legal Traditions of International Organizations Formation
9 Karen R. Avetisyan Technological Capabilities and Policy Strokes of Audio Influences of Information and Psychological Influences in Ensuring Public Order and Safety of Mass Actions
10 Alexander A. Galushkin Opportunities and Prospects of Business in Relation to Structures of Education and Science
11 Dmitriy V. Grigorev Institutes of Municipal Democracy in the Federal City of Moscow
12 Ekaterina V. Kiseleva Agreement Liberty Principle in Case of Contractual Commitments Execution
13 Nikolay I. Churinov Theoretical Ideas of Local Government and State Government Development
14 Boris R. Avetisyan Moment of the Legal Termination of the Organization and/or Carrying out Gambling Which is Carried Out in the Information Communication Network Internet
15 Alexander M. Filichkin Differentiation of Areas of Jurisdiction of Public Authorities and Local Government