1 Svetlana A. Trykanova Municipal Elections in the Russian Federation as a Resource of Direct Democracy and Legitimacy of Local Government
2 Dmitriy O. Ezhevskiy Actual Problems of Electoral Laws of the Russian Federation Reforming
3 Alexandra V. Aleshina, Victoria A. Kosovskaya Modern Problems of the International Private Law as One of the Actual Directions of Students Research Activity
4 Natalja I. Jaroshenko Role of the Judicial Constitutionalism in the Modernization of Russian Legal System
5 Elena V. Pitko Order of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation Employment
6 Andrey S. Chupanov To the Question of Guarantees in Ensuring National Security
7 Alexander A. Galushkin About Place and Role of Information and Communication Technologies, Information Security at the Present Stage
8 Natalia A. Nazariva Sources of Legal Nihilism in the Sense of Justice of the Population of Russia
9 Irina G. Babashkina Constitutional and Legal Aspects of the Concept of Territorial Integrity Definition
10 Anastasiya D. Kalmikova Political Parties and Parliamentarism in the Modern Russia
11 Zoya Sh. Matchanova The Great Patriotic War: to Remember and Understand, Respect and Be Proud (in the Light of Tasks in the Field of Youth Education)
12 Tatyana I. Eremina About the Legislative Definition – "Conflict of Interests of the Pedagogical Worker"
13 Ludmila J. Leonova Comparative and Legal Analysis of Representation in the Civil Procedural Legislation and Administrative Legal Proceedings
14 Ekaterina A. Sviridova About Some Aspects of License Contracts Legal Regulation
15 Indira T. Ragulina Requirements Imposed to the Applicant for a Position of the Trainee and the Assistant of Advocate by the Legislation of the States Which Were Earlier a Part of the Union of the Soviet Social